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Published on November 11th, 2014 | by Vet Pets


Three Reasons to Invest in Custom Pet Tags

Plastic pet tags

Everyone has experienced the terror finding out their beloved family pet has escaped the leash, jumped the fence, or broken through the invisible fence. And while dogs have almost 220 million cells in their noses devoted to scent and can identify owners by their smell, sometimes Man’s Best Friend can get a little turned around. This is why veterinarians and rescue organizations highly suggest that your pets wear pet tags. These dog tags or cat tags usually have the owner’s information on them, which allows the people who find your cat or dog to get in touch with you.

But why should you invest in custom pet tags?
First of all, custom pet tags allow you to add more information to your tag. Pre-printed tags often put a word limit on what you can enter and enter only the most basic information. With custom pet tags you can add as much personal information as you see fit and in some cases, can even embed a microchip to track your missing pet more effectively.

Second, you can create unique pet tags and give your pet a little personality!
Plastic pet tags are often branded as “cheap pet tags,” but these can often be the most fun custom pet tags! There’s a wide color range available for plastic pet tags and your information can be etched or printed onto the tag itself. Many custom pet tags can be designed online–a fun activity to get your kids involved in! An additional bonus: many plastic pet tags are also highly reflective to make the tag more visible at night.

Third, even while you may put up LOST CAT or LOST DOG posters, posters only reach a certain distance. Your pet may have wandered much further than your poster radius. If your pet has detailed custom pet tags, the person who finds your pet can easily get in contact with you and save you days of worry.

And if you’re feeling guilty about the additional cost of purchasing custom pet tags for your pet, you shouldn’t! About 5 million USD are spent by American pet owners on their pets every year during Christmas. Instead of buying Fido or Bella another squeaky toy or stuffed mouse, invest in his or her safety with personalized pet tags.

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