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Published on May 8th, 2014 | by Vet Pets


Three Reasons Why Web Marketing Is Taking Unexpected Turns in 2014

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Believe it or not, Internet ad revenues recently surpassed those of broadcast television. That’s according to a recent report put out by the IAB research firm and reported on by major outlets like Forbes and other tech and business publications. In short, this is absolutely momentous, with such a relatively new means of communicating already topping the dollars raked in by stations like NBC, CBS and ABC — organizations that, at this point, are seminal institutions in the American public’s eyes.

But not its collective wallet.

Taking a quick look at the statistics, it’s easy to see how this usurping was inevitable. Email marketing currently brings in about $40 for every dollar spent on it, while Internet search’s ROI rate is nearly $22 to one. There’s that old saying, “If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist.” Now, it’s quickly becoming, “If you don’t promote your website, you don’t exist.” And with 54% of small businesses readily admitting they need some help tweaking their social media initiatives, it look like the web landscape could be changing quite drastically in the coming months (if not weeks).

Here’s why.

For advertising, Facebook is ancient, but YouTube is forward-looking.

As recently as February 2014, one study discovered that most Facebook posts were really only reaching about 6% of the total audience of a brand’s page. A lot plays into the reasons why — algorithms, frequency of clicks, etc. — but the point is still the same. Facebook just isn’t the best way to reach the highest number of users. But YouTube might be. In fact, the top five brands on YouTube reach more than 20 times the number of users using video than they do using content on Facebook. Imagine that.

Web design is a consistently changing beast.

Building a professional website doesn’t have to be super laborious, but it does have to precise. There’s no denying that the first impression a user has when clicking your site for the first time has the mighty potential to influence his or her decision-making for the rest of the time he or she spends on the web. Do it right and you might make a customer for life; do it wrong and you’ll scare him or her away. In marketing, seeing is believing, so hire a pro team of web designers to overhaul your site in keeping with the web’s new trends. You’ll be pleasantly surprised just how far it could take you.

Mobile platforms are the world of tomorrow come today.

By 2017, mobile browsing is slated to overtake desktop browsing entirely. With that approaching figure in mind, why would you sleep on updating your site to make it mobile-friendly right away? A pro team will have all the latest mobile website design tips in mind, although the easiest one to remember is to keep it responsive and adaptable to be viewed on different devices.

For more website marketing tips, get in touch with a local SEO or web marketing firm and see what can be done to modernize your site — and expand your brand. Read more like this.

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