Find Out Why Quick Wraps are a Must-Have in Your Barn!

Most households in the U.S. have at least one pet. When arthritis is diagnosed in family-loved animals, many owners with the same symptoms feel true empathy. They know what it’s like to have achy, stiff joints, so they make it a top priority to ease their pets’ discomfort.

So when Back on Track designed a line of therapeutic products (like a wrist pain brace, royal quick wrap, or support brace), they combined modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine to treat not only people but dogs and horses as well. Back on Track’s joint and muscle support products, like the wrist pain brace, are all made of functional textiles with reflective properties, and the braces are FDA-approved.

Using a custom technology, Back on Track infuses Welltex into the fibers of each brace, human and animal alike. From a human therapeutic wrist brace or elbow tendinitis brace to a horse neck cover or dog leg wrap, Back on Track shows through well-established and documented studies that long-wave infrared radiation increases the blood circulation. The increased blood circulation in the tissues helps to relieve muscle tension and improves performance. One important property of this technology is the injury prevention effect, which is achieved when the products are used for training and competition. Back on Track’s products work with radiation so that the protection has a respiratory function, while energy in the body tissues increases.

These studies apply to humans and their animals alike. Customary for an equestrian rider, arthritis and tendinitis are easily treated with the therapeutic products provided through Back on Track. Horses can weight up to 2,200 pounds, so when your horse is injured, posture is often the first clue something is wrong because of shifting weight. This results in shifting this weight from side to side, refusing to move, and refusing to bear weight. How can the rider prevent further injury to both the horse and themselves?

Back on Track has a full collection of therapeutic horse and rider gear to make everyday riding a more enjoyable experience. Designed to increase mobility and prevent injury, Back on Track horse products are sure to help you and your horse perform at the highest level. Need a therapeutic horse back pad? Back on Track makes pads designed to keep a horse’s muscles loose and ready to go. Feeling arthritis coming on in your wrists/hands from increased and prolonged activity or riding? Back on Track makes a custom wrist pain brace tailored to relieve aching in the wrist and promote further circulation and healing. From the fleece wrist cover with thumb to the gloves, a wrist pain brace may be the thing even the most experience equestrian rider needs to reach the next level without those aches occurring repeatedly.

Other products provided include riding helmets, horse wraps, knee boots, and fleece blankets for horses, which have been proven through clinical studies to reduce inflammation over the dorsal spinal area in many horses within just two weeks.

What do you have to lose? Grab yourself a wrist pain brace and equestrian riding helmet, and treat your horse to a horse cover and polo wrap for optimum comfort and healing. Take back your today and make everyday an incredible riding experience and high-level performance.