Horse’s Best Friend Why Your Helmet Will Keep Your Horse Happy

If you’ve been riding horses for any amount of time, you’ll know that you need plenty of equipment to keep your horse safe. Horse fleece blanket to keep them warm? Check. Horse shoulder guard to keep them healthy after all of your jumps? Check. Horse polo wraps for any ache and muscle? Check.

But if you’re one of the approximately 7 million people in the United States who rides horses, you can’t forget to protect one of the most important things: Yourself.

A great equestrian riding helmet, like the one’s from SmartPak, can make the difference between your beloved horse galloping happily with you on its back or it slowly trotting around a barn wondering where you went.

Why are riding helmets so important?

Well, if you take a tumble off your horse, chances are you will fall and hit your head at an angle. This creates rotational motion, which sends our precious brains for a bumpy ride that they might not come back from. You have bought horse polo wraps for your pony’s beloved legs, but they can’t use those legs if you can’t use your brain.

SmartPak helmets may provide you with the protection you need to avoid these traumas to your brain tissue.

When purchasing your helmet, make sure to pay attention to how it fits. You wouldn’t put ill fitting horse polo wraps on your horse’s legs, so treat yourself the same way. A helmet that allows your head to move a little bit on impact will help take the trauma away from your brain. But if the helmet fits too loosely, then you won’t get any protection at all.

A correctly fitted helmet will also make a huge difference in your comfort in riding. A headache from too tight of a helmet might distract you from caring for your horse as best as you can, no matter what you and your horse’s reason for riding is. And what if you go to jump over an obstacle with your horse and your too big helmet slides down over your eyes?

A good helmet can feel like a best friend, but make sure to pay attention to when it’s time to retire your riding helmet. The cushion inside is meant to protect you from a fall, and it can’t do its job if sweat and heavy use has affected the cushion quality.

Consider other factors you may want in your helmet to help you have the best experience when riding as possible. Do you sweat a lot? You may want something with more ventilation. Does your head have a few fashionable bumps that might rub against your helmet? Find one with softer cushion in the places you need it.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect helmet, don’t worry. SmartPak gives you free shipping on orders over $75. Make sure you find the best helmet to protect you, and keep both you and your horse happy.

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