Take a Field Trip to the Animal Hospital

For a lot of young kids, animals are the cutest things they can imagine. The feeling a child gets when they open a box and out pops a kitten can be the most adorable thing on the planet. So for a lot of these kids in this video, visiting a vet hospital is just like Christmas morning. Animal clinics help all sorts of animals, and while there are the typical house animals that you’re used to there, you may also find a passion for the weird and abnormal while you’re there!

For these kids visiting the pet clinic on that day, they get to see the whole scope of how a typical visit goes.

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An animal gets brought in, and depending on what sort of issue there is, the vet addresses it. It also typically ends with some sort of pet grooming to give the pet owner the assurance that the animal is being treated comfortably. So whether you’re a young child seeing a vet for the first time or an adult who was just curious about how a vet worked, we can all find the empathy to care for an animal and love something that loves humans back so much.