How Do You Dog Proof Your Home?

How do you dog proof your home? If you are a dog lover, then this is a question you have probably asked yourself several times. The moment you decide to introduce a new dog into the family, you automatically gain the responsibility of providing an environment that will not pose any threat to the dog. In this case, you have to take all the necessary measures to ensure that every part of your home, including the exterior, is safe for the dog. You probably do not want to experience the pain of your dog leaving you. Therefore, to avoid such fatalities from occurring, you have to eliminate any risks in the home for your pet’s safety.

Dogs are naturally curious and will want to explore everything in their new home. They lack the common sense to know what could be dangerous and what isn’t dangerous. Therefore, it will be your responsibility as the dog owner to ensure that every aspect of your home is safe and does not pose any danger to the dog.

Best Ways to Dog Proof A Home

When figuring out how do you dog proof your home, you might be wondering where to start with the process. It is usually recommended to check each home space to ensure it is safe for the dog. This piece will discuss each space in your home and the various measures you can take to ensure that your dog is not exposed to any threats or potential hazards.

How To Dog Proof Your Kitchen

When contemplating the question, how do you dog proof your home, the kitchen should be the first place you should think about. It is where you will come across most of the dangers that would threaten your dog. In this case, there are several things you will need to do in the kitchen to ensure it is safe for your dog. Firstly, you can begin by eliminating all trash that may be easily accessible to the dog. The pets love to explore open trash to look for something they can consume. In the process, they can come across toxic substances that may end up affecting their bodies. On the other hand, they can swallow a sharp one that can result in fatalities. In this case, to avoid such things from occurring, ensure that your garbage is well covered and is not within reach of your dog.

Certain foods consumed by human beings may not be compatible with the dog’s body, even those that may look like they are not toxic. For instance, it is easy to make people in your household understand that freshly baked cakes should not be consumed immediately. You have to give time for the cake to rest and cook. However, your dog cannot understand this and will be ready to explore everything on the kitchen counter. The consumption of freshly baked cake can leave you with the stress of dealing with a sick dog. In addition, be sure to prevent your dog from exploring the kitchen counter. For that reason, ensure that you do not place any food within reach of the dog. You can incorporate the use of a latch of your dog is clever.

The other way you can dog proof your kitchen is through the installation of kitchen barriers. It will ensure that your dog does not explore the kitchen when people are not in the house to provide supervision.

How To Dog Proof the Bathroom and The Laundry Area

The bathroom and the laundry area should also be given special attention when contemplating the question, how do you dog proof your home? There are several things you can do to ensure there are safe areas for the dog. The first thing is to ensure that your toilet bowl is always closed and is not left open. Most dogs will love quenching their thirst with the water found inside the toilet bowl. The results can be tormenting since, in the process, they might end up consuming various chemicals used to clean the toilet. Therefore, it is always recommended to ensure that the toilet bowl is closed at all times. The other thing is concerning the drugs stored in the bathroom. Various researches have shown that human drugs and medication have proven to be the major cause of dog poisoning. Therefore, always ensure that cabinets in your bathroom are lockable when installing bathroom furniture. It will ensure that all types of medicine can be stored safely outside of the dog’s reach. As a result, you will manage to prevent tragedies from occurring.

Moreover, ensure that harmful chemicals in the bathroom and laundry areas, such as detergents and bleaches, are not within the dog’s reach. It is natural for dogs to explore by using their mouths, and they will probably start eating what they find. Such items can be toxic when they get consumed. Therefore, ensure that they are stored safely where the dogs cannot access them. Also, ensure that you always check your dryer in the laundry room as it may threaten the dog. A dryer is a common home addition most people like to incorporate in their laundry room. Most dogs, especially puppies, love napping in the dryer. Therefore, before turning on the machine, ensure you check if the dog is inside to avoid any tragic occurrence. The other thing to do is to ensure that it remains closed when you are not using it.

In addition, when dog proofing the bathroom and the laundry, ensure that all fabrics are placed where they are supposed to be. You may be wondering how some of your clothes, such as socks, disappear in the house only to realize your dog contributes to the disappearance. Dogs love chewing a lot, and when they come across fabrics, they will be glad to do so. Such practices can be harmful to the dog, especially if they swallow some parts of the cloth, leading to complications in their esophagus and intestines. Therefore, when finding solutions to the question, how do you dog proof your home? Be sure to look into your laundry space and the bathroom.

How To Dog Proof the Living Room

The living room is also another vital space you should be keen on when finding solutions to the question, how do you dog proof your home? Be sure to be mindful of the various things we are going to discuss concerning the living room. The first thing is to be careful about the type of plants you select to decorate your indoor space. For instance, you can have a floral centerpiece made of live flowers. When selecting such decor for your space, be sure to check for toxicity. Various houseplants may be poisonous to your dog the moment they get to consume them. Therefore, before purchasing such plants, be sure to research plants that do not threaten the dog.

The other aspect is concerning electrical appliances. When installing home appliances such as smarthome audio solutions , they ensure that installations are done appropriately and no wires are within reach of the dog. Applying such practices will ensure that your dog is protected from certain risks such as getting electrocuted. Items such as photos and a smart home remote control should also be stored safely to avoid the risk of swallowing small toys and batteries used in the remote.

The other thing is to eliminate all valuable and breakable items in the living room. You will not stand the heartbreak of a broken, valuable vase. Therefore, if you have items that can easily be broken and chewed by the dog, be sure to place them away from the dog. The practice is essential for energetic dogs that do not hesitate to chew anything they come across. In addition, if you have incorporated a home office design into your living room, ensure that all stationery is properly kept for the safety of your dog.

The other essential thing to do is to always keep your living room clean at all times. For instance, if your kids have engaged in any games that incorporate the use of tiny toys, inform them to put everything in order after they are done with their game. Dogs may be quick to swallow small toys, which can cause choking. Also, if you love to craft, get rid of any hazardous items such as sewing threads that may pose a risk to the dog. Moreover, while still in the living room, ensure that you are always cautious with your fireplace. Ensure that this area is screened or has a barrier to prevent the dog’s temptations to get near the flames. The same thing applies when you are using candles. They should be placed somewhere safe where the dogs cannot attempt to reach them.

Therefore, when figuring out, how do you dog proof your home, the living room should be one of the spaces you think about.

How To Dog Proof Your Backyard

As discussed earlier, the exterior of your house should also be considered when dog proofing your home. Therefore, when seeking answers to the question, how do you dog proof your home, you should leave out this essential aspect. There are several things you can do to ensure that your dog is safe when strolling in the backyard. The first thing is to ensure that waste storage bins are always kept close so the dog cannot access what is inside. Ensure that you schedule regular yard waste removal to eliminate any toxic waste that may pose a hazardous threat to the dog.

The other thing concerns the various plants you may have incorporated into your small garden in your home’s backyard. The plants can be for consumption purposes or to improve the aesthetic value of the home. Be sure to maintain such plants with your dog in mind. For instance, when boosting their growth, use natural fertilizers instead of artificial ones. Your dog will be less likely to face complications by any chance if it has to consume the natural fertilizers. The artificial ones contain chemicals that may prove hazardous to the pet.

Moreover, some natural plants such as castor beans and rosary peas can be toxic to your dog once consumed. It would be best if you were careful about the types of natural plants growing in your backyard. Conduct research and if you come across any toxic plants, be sure to hire a land clearing service to eliminate them.

How To Dog Proof Your Garage

You cannot do a dog proofing discussion if you have not talked about your garage. The garage or the basement is also an essential area when finding out more on the question, how do you dog proof your home? It is a place where most homeowners will store their tools and also different types of chemicals. To avoid fatalities from occurring, be sure to adhere to several things. The first thing is to ensure that all chemicals are stored in an inappropriate manner. For instance, gasoline and insecticides should be placed on higher shelves where the dogs cannot reach to prevent them from consuming such substances. Also, if any spills occur, ensure you wipe them off immediately to prevent your dog from licking any poisonous substances. When it comes to the storage of various tools, ensure that they are properly stored. The tools can be of any form, for instance, garden tools, or if you are a plumber, you may have various plumbing tools. In this case, ensure there is appropriate storage in your garage for all these tools. Some tools such as screws may pose threats to the dog when swallowed. The dog might succumb to choking before you realize it.

When you are contemplating answers to the question, how do you dog proof your home? Many things are involved. The moment you decide to purchase or inherit a dog to be part of your family, you should do your best to ensure that the pet is safe. Dog proofing can be overwhelming since you will have to take several measures for it to be successful. However, the process will be worth putting effort into, since it will ensure your dog is safe in all parts of the home.