Top Ten Dog Training Tips

  1. Listen to Your Dog:
    When you notice that you dog is not comfortable with other people or dogs, do not force to say hello. You should learn to respect his view and avoid inviting more dangers for yourself.
  2. Be Generous with Your Affection:
    Most of the people do not pay heed to activities of their dogs. When you see that your dog is engaged in a good activity, applaud him with loud voice. This extra generous affection would create a friendly relationship with dogs.
  3. Does He Really Like It?
    All dogs do not like the same things to eat. Few like soft things and a few like crunchy and hard things. Try to employ your attention on the thing your dog likes to eat.
  4. Tell Him What You Want Him to Do:
    Most of the dogs do not understand clearly. Take for the granted, if your dog jumps up to say hello to your friend, do not say him no. He might jump higher and take your word in other direction. It would be better to say him Sit rather than no.
  5. Be Consistent:
    It would be better if you take all family members along with yourself when you train your dog. This is very important to be consistent and all family members know that what you train him and what he has to do.
  6. Have Realistic Expectations:
    Try to be more rationale about the dogs. They do not change their behavior in short time. They need time to understand you and your expectations. Think for a while, if you had taught your dog to jump up and say hi for 7 years, how would he be able to change this habit at short notice? No doubt, some dogs learn things very quickly and change their behavior but all dogs are not like each other. Hence, give your dog time to learn your new expectations.
  7. Don’t Underestimate the Benefits of Feeding a High Quality Food:
    Try to feed your dog with finest quality of meals and proteins. I would suggest you to ask veterinarian for right food for your dog. If you want your dog to herd sheep then protein diet will be ideal.
  8. You Get What You Reinforce – Not Necessarily What You Want:
    If you do not like a certain style of your dog, there must be strong reason beyond. If you taught your dog during the course of training that Bark when he wants you to throw the toy, it would be his habit. He would bark whenever he wants you to do something. I would suggest you to ask your dog to sit down rather than making the habit of barking.
  9. Bribery vs. Reward:
    If you give your dog a treat and ask him to do what you want then why you should adopt this culture? Most of the dogs learn during their training sessions. During the time of training we do not give them foods but when they are done with session, we reward them with treats. Hence, it must be in your mind that what you teach your dog will work not the treat you usually offer.
  10. Freedom:
    It is really good if you give freedom to your dog but it must be limited to some extent. If you give your baby freedom in your home and shut all the doors then it is really good. Experts hold the opinion that too much freedom will affect the train you gave to your dog. Hence, freedom should be as such you could easily supervise your dog.