Four Qualities of the Best Veterinarians for Your Pets

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Owning a cat or a dog is more than having a companion who will always be there for you. It’s also a big responsibility — and one of the biggest responsibilities you have as a pet owner is making sure you ensure a long, happy and healthy life for your four-legged friend.

Whether you are a first-time pet owner or you’ve had pets your whole life, you know that the best health care for animals starts with the best veterinarian for animals. The average American family will spend about $378 on veterinary bills annually. If you’re looking for a new vet, you should make sure you choose the right one.

Here are four qualities you should look for when choosing a veterinarian for cats or a veterinarian for dogs:

1. Accreditation or certification: The American Animal Hospital Association will offer accreditation to a veterinarian for animals and local animal hospitals that have the right qualifications and expertise to offer the best care for cats, dogs and other common pets. To see a list of accredited vets in your area, you can visit

2. A passion for their job: The best veterinarian for animals will truly care about the animals they treat. You can usually tell right away if a vet is passionate about the work they do — and this is a good indicator of how well they will treat your pet if an emergency occurs.

3. They’re recommended by people you know: Your friends, family and even neighbors are a great resource for recommendations on the best veterinarian for animals in your area. They can give you insights into the quality care a veterinarian for animals provides, as well as how clean and organized the vet’s office is, another important factor to consider.

4. A continued desire to learn: A veterinarian for animals doesn’t stop learning how to be a vet when his or her formal education is finished. The best vets know that their job is a lifelong learning process, and will strive to use the latest technology and methods to give your pet the best possible care available. More can be found here.