Three Incredible and Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Dog

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It’s easy to be surprised by your dog every day — it seems like they’re always finding new ways to show their affection for us and to make our lives fuller. For the 37 to 47% of American households that own a pet dog, every day offers something new.

But there are some facts about dogs that even your dog won’t be able to tell you — and these facts, proven by scientific research, might amaze you!

Here’s a quick list of three truly incredible facts you didn’t know about your dog:

Your dog sweats

It’s common knowledge that dogs pant to cool off, and many people think this means they don’t sweat. However, your dog does sweat! Their sweat glands are only located on the pads of their feet, however.

Your dog can laugh

Did you know that your dog can, and does, laugh? You might not be able to notice it, since they don’t laugh quite like humans do. When a dog laughs, it will usually look and sound like the dog is panting — they usually laugh when playing with their owners!

Spaying and neutering does more for your dog than you think

Is it good to spay your dog? Absolutely, and plenty of research proves why you should spay and neuter your pet! Bringing your canine friend to a dog spay and neuter clinic can increase his or her life span by several years, meaning you get even more time to spend with your best friend. Other reasons behind the importance of spaying and neutering your pet include a decreased risk of cancer and various behavioral problems being avoided entirely.

What are your favorite little-known facts about dogs? Have any other questions for us about owning a pet, spay and neuter clinics or why you should spay and neuter your pets? Feel free to ask or share anything in the comments below. Read more articles like this.