Three Reasons Owning a Pet Might Be Right for You

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If you’ve never owned a pet before it may be a bit difficult to discern whether the decision to have one is right for you or not. After all, it’s no secret that owning a pet requires some amount of work and responsibility, not to mention knowledge of a convenient veterinarian. That said, it can also be very rewarding and may even provide a new family member and friend. There are many reasons people choose to have a pet in their home, but before making the choice for yourself it might be helpful to see some of these reasons listed and know the basics of necessary pet care.
1) Reasons to Own a Pet
The health benefits of owning a pet are numerous. Owning a pet and keeping it in primarily in the house can reduce a child’s chance of developing related allergies by about 33%, eliminating the concern of a future adverse reaction. A study of more than 2,000 adults found that those who owned and regularly walked their dogs were less likely to be obese than those that didn’t walk their dogs or didn’t own one at all. If that isn’t evidence enough, a survey of 1,000 family and GP doctors shows that 97% believe in the health benefits of owning a pet and 60% would even recommend a pet for improved personal health! All this aside, 66% of pet owners in a survey admitted their pet was their best friend, proving a pet can be good for physical and mental wellbeing.
2) Cats Versus Dogs
Though there are many options of pets besides cats and dogs, these two make up the most popular options. People seem to be more or less divided on which pet is better, though a convenient veterinarian with affordable veterinary care can take care of either just as well. America seems to be made up primarily of dog people, as 47% of U.S. households own a dog as opposed to 37% that own a cat. By as much as a 70% to 20% margin, Americans have described themselves as having a preference for dogs over cats. A better sense of companionship might be the reason for this, as four in 10 dog owners cite this as their reason for owning a dog in the first place. Still, either animal you choose will require quality preventive care to keep them healthy.
3) Providing Quality Veterinary Care
Having access to a convenient veterinarian is essential to keeping happy and healthy pets. Unfortunately, there are pet owners that do not take the necessary precautions. As many as 18.7% did not take their dogs to a veterinarian in 2011. Tests and vaccinations are compelling reasons to get regular care for your pets, particularly puppies that need a combination, “5-in-1” vaccine at two, three and four months of age, then once annually.

With all the elements above considered, one can make a well-informed decision on whether or not owning a pet would be a good fit for them.