Doggone We Love Our Pets

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You love your animals, they?re your fur babies, but do you take care of their health as assiduously as you do your child?s? Does your kitty get his regular yearly veterinarian check ups? Does your dog have all of her vaccination recommendations up to date? Your pets take care of you, take care of them!

The Benefits of Pet Ownership

In America, we own about 74 to 96 million cats and 70 to 80 million dogs, according to The ASPCA. That means almost 50% of all households in the U.S. have a dog compared to the almost 40% who have a cat ? most American?s have pets. And close to 75% of pet owners in a national survey said the health benefits of pet ownership were important to them.

So, What Are the Benefits of Pet Ownership? Well There?s the Love?

Nearly 70% of those surveyed say they view their pet as their best friend (if not their child) and 40% of dog owners cite companionship as the reason they own a dog (it?s the number one response when asked). There?s a reason they call dogs ?man?s best friend;? all that unconditional love.

And it?s not just the love they give, but the love they attract! Did you know that almost 60% of men judge their date?s personality based on their choice of pets? It?s true! And it?s not just men. In single women surveyed, 35% have found themselves more attracted to someone after meeting or learning about their pet.

And It?s Not Just the Love, There are Health Benefits as Well!

A child’s likelihood of developing pet related allergies can be lowered by as much as 33% by having a pet in the home. And, a study of more than 2,000 adults showed that in dog owners, the main person responsible for walking the dog, is less likely to have obesity issues than dog owners who hire a walker or get the kids to do it, or people who don’t own a dog at all.

According to a survey of 1,000 general practitioners and family doctors, almost all the doctors polled subscribe to a belief in the health benefits of pet ownership and more than half recommend pet ownership to improve overall health.

But What About Your Pet?s Health?

Among U.S. dog owners, almost 20% did not take their dog or dogs to a veterinarian in 2011.
Veterinarians’ vaccination recommendations are a yearly checkup for grown animals (between the ages of one and seven) with a yearly vaccine, while puppy vaccinations, a combination vaccine (a ?5-in-1?), should be given at two months old, three months, and four months, and then once a year on a regular dog vaccine schedule. And your vet will give you specific information on what to do for you pet after a vaccination.

You wouldn?t leave your children susceptible to the measles, why take a chance with your fur babies? vaccination recommendations?