5 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Caring for senior dogs

If you have a pet, you probably consider that animal or those animals to be family members. Americans have a lot of pets. The United States is home to more domesticated cats than any other nation. There are more than 76 million cats around the country (nearly 84% of these cats have been neutered or spade). Many American households have pet dogs, somewhere between 37 and 47% have them. That is dogs in over 46 million homes. As it is, Americans spend nearly $13.6 billion on medical care for our pets. Health care for animals can be as complicated as any available to people. As a result, it is possible to get health insurance for older pets.

If you are looking for insurance for your older pets or your younger pets, here are some tips for keeping your pets healthy:

  1. Care for their teeth. You have always been told to brush your own teeth but it is equally important that you brush your pets’ teeth as well. You will save a lot of money on professional cleanings by doing regular brushings at home. You can get toothbrushes for your animals and toothpastes that are made in flavors the pets enjoy.
  2. Focus on keeping them healthy. It is important that you get check ups from your primary care doctor, right? Getting your pets in to see the vet once a year (or as prescribed) is important for their health as well. If your pet is getting older or has any chronic conditions, getting in for regular check ups can save you a lot of money by keeping their health problems in check. Just like with our health, getting our pets in front of medical professionals can help spot and treat small health problems before they grow into large ones. When you look for health insurance for older pets you should also ask about pet wellness plans.
  3. Watch your pets’ weight. Yes, everyone loves spoiling Fluffy or Rover with treats from the table but they really are bad for your furry friends. It is as important to keep animals fit and trim the same way you want to keep your weight down. Our pets’ risks for diabetes, heart disease and cancer, for example, go up with their weight. Just like it is unhealthy for you to gain or lose weight quickly, it is just as bad for your pets’ health.
  4. Lower their chances for accidents. There are things you can do to prevent them from being hurt in accidents. For example, indoor cats are a lot healthier and live longer than cats who are allowed outside. If you have a dog, putting up a good fence can help keep them safe from being hit by a car. Also, make sure any plants you have in your home or yard are safe for your pets to eat They may look like pretty decorations to you but look like tasty treats to your animals. If you have birds, fish or exotic pets and cats and dogs, make sure the enclosures for the exotics are sturdy enough to keep out the other pets. Birds and fish can be very tempting for your cats.
  5. Learn some “do it yourself” stuff. There are health related things you can do yourself. You can learn how to trim claws, give medication and do some other things that you may pay to have done. If your cat or dog needs certain injections, there are some that can be done at home. If your pet has a chronic health condition that needs more extensive care, find out if any of it can be done at home. This is important for cats who get stressed out at the vet’s. There are plans for pet insurance for older pets with chronic conditions.

Keeping pets healthy and happy is a priority for all pet owners. Recently, one man in Australia paid over $10,000 for brain surgery for his pet gold fish. So, if you care a lot about getting good healthcare for pets, you are not alone. If you are concerned about the costs of caring for your aging pets, insurance for older pets might be just the thing for you. Ask your vet for information on pet insurance.

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