4 Ways to Make Your Practice Stand Out

Personalized prescription pads

When choosing a veterinarian, people want to know that the vet loves their animal and has its best interests in mind. Not only that, but it’s important for them to see that the details are taken care of financial in the office. This will help put their mind as ease knowing that if the vet can afford to have little things like veterinary business cards and welcome cards then the little things that come up with their furry family members will also be able to be seen. It’s the little things that make the difference when it comes to vets. All vets can treat symptoms, that’s what a vet does, but to be a truly good vet that stands apart from the rest, it’s takes a serious of small conveniences that make life easier for the patients. Let’s look at a few examples.

Appointment Reminder Postcards
Lots of doctors’ offices and medical places will offer appointment reminder cards but these usually are given to you at the time of your current appointment if you make your next appointment there. A nice touch would be sending out the postcard a week or so before the appointment to the pet owner’s home address. Regular appointments are usually a year apart so reminder cards that lets you know that it is time for an appointment once gain is a nice way to keep your patients coming back as well as give them the peace of mind that this is not something else that they have to remember; the vet will keep track for them. Everyone can be forgetful from time to time and it’s nice to be gently reminded when the time comes for another check up or appointment.

Personalized Prescription Pads
When giving out prescriptions, having a pad with your letterhead on it not only gives it a more personal touch but it is good marketing for the vet. Anyone who sees the prescription will subconsciously note the name of the vet. Personalized prescription pads also provide an element of professionalism. Anyone could buy blank pads of paper but to go the extra step and have personalized prescription pads made shows you care about the practice and every detail that is involved. Being detail orientated makes clients feel appreciated and noticed which is what everyone wants to feel. This is what will make your practice stand out from other practices around.

Holiday Cards
Sending out holiday cards to your pet owner’s is a warm and thoughtful way to say thanks for being a patient. Most owners would appreciate the pet also being addressed. Some owners would even like the pet being the one who receives the card and them just being mentioned in parenthesis as part of a little joke. For example “Dear Fifi and the Humans that you allow to reside in your home, from all of us at the vet clinic” is a great way to add a little amusement to your holiday cards. Humor is a very personal thing so adding that to a card will help to show that you have developed a relationship with the pet owners.

Sympathy Cards
Pet owners want to know that you are invested in their pet. When one has to be put down or you catch word that they have passed away, it is a great idea to reach out to the owner and send a sympathy card. It will mean the world to the owner and show them that you remember them and care enough to realize that the owner is going through a rough time. It also shows the owner that they are important to you as well, just as much as the animal is. Pet owners need to know that it’s not just about the payment but also about them and their pet.

There are so many vets to choose from, in order to make sure that your particular practice stands out, using personalized prescription pads and little nuances to make your patients and pet owners feel appreciated will go a long way to retaining business. And everyone knows that retaining business is the only way to stay in business, obviously. Having a great clientele base is the key to running a successful practice and building relationships in the long run.