Stop Itchy and Scratchy From Making Your Pet Miserable With an All Natural Shampoo

Hot spot treatment for dogs

If you’ve every had dandruff or dry scalp or lice, you know how miserable the itching can be. Now imagine your entire body is covered with hair and you itch absolutely everywhere. Well that’s how your pet feels when he or she has hot spots or skin irritations from allergic reactions or dry skin.
What your pet can’t tell you is that they would prefer that you use an all natural pet shampoo that will not only cure them of the itch but will also nourish their skin and make their coat shiny and healthy.
Itching From Fleas
It isn’t just the flea bites that cause the itchy skin in dogs. It’s actually more likely the allergic reaction your dog is having to the flea saliva as a result of the bite. Nearly 40% of of all dogs suffer from flea allergies. You will need to treat your pet for fleas and also your home to prevent a recurrence. But you can provide your pet with itch relief by using all natural products such as shampoos and balms while he or she is healing and also all year-round for healthy skin and coat. You may be surprised to learn that your pooch is not alone. Almost half of all dogs suffer from allergies and there are three major allergens and one of those is fleas. The other two are dust and food allergies.
Other Skin Disorders
Itchy skin in dogs (pruritus) can be brought on by over 160 different skin disorders, some of which can be chronic. Takes time for your vet to figure out what allergen is causing the distress, so in the meantime, using a natural dog shampoo is your best bet.
Advantages of Natural Products
Our pets, while not humans, should be treated like like them when choosing a shampoo or other skin and hair product. Look for products that are free of parabens, mineral oil, lanolin, formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulfate, and alcohol. Instead, natural ingredients such as cucumber extract, aloe, oat flour, lemon peel oil, shea butter, and soy protein are better. Do those sound like ingredients in your own hair and skin products? Well, they are, and this is what we mean when choosing a product to relieve itchy skin in dogs that is something you’d be willing to use yourself or on your own children.
It’s no secret that our pets are like family. In fact, an estimated 1 million dogs in the U.S. are named as the primary beneficiary in wills. So when choosing a shampoo for dogs with dry skin or simply for routine grooming, natural products are best.