My Dog Isn’t Listening To My Teaching Methods Help!

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Did you just accept a new furry friend into your life? There’s nothing quite like getting a puppy or adopting an older dog from the shelter — the joy and humor animals bring to our busy and harried lifestyles is priceless. However, dog obedience training is an art form that eludes many a pet owner across the country. How do you get them to sit and stay, anyway? With professional dog trainers on your side, these seemingly elusive abilities can finally be yours once and for all. They’ve spent years learning the behavioral psychology of different breeds and age groups, so rest assured that your best friend will be in the right hands.

Did You Know?

Let’s start off with some fun facts about pets. Did you know over 46 million households across the United States own dogs? They’ve been a part of the American cultural fabric for centuries, with the breeds Labradors and Golden Retrievers remaining some of the most popular for their friendly temperament and easy maintenance. Which one is right for you and your family depends significantly on your lifestyle, budget and personal preferences — do you want a happy companion or a guard dog? Do you like to go hunting or are you more of a morning jog person? Asking these questions now will go a long way in helping you choose the breed that suits you best.

Dog Breeds And Temperaments

There are over 150 dog breeds, each with their own fascinating and lengthy history spanning decades and even centuries in some cases. They are generally divided into eight different classes — sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting, herding and miscellaneous. While one-third of all dogs surrendered to animal shelters are purebred, many more are mixed breeds. Purebred dogs are popular for their predictable temperaments and iconic appearances, though they also have the downside of being more prone to specific health problems — the German Shepherd suffers from hip dysplasia, while the Dachshund is prone to back problems. Never fear, though, as frequent exercise and a healthy diet will do wonders for any dog’s health!

Common Commands

Ah, the magical words — sit, stay, roll over! Professional dog trainers are masters at implementing the basics in dogs of all shapes and sizes, which is nothing to say of certain commands you want your pet to learn. A recent survey saw over half of all its respondents saying ‘Come’ is the most important command dogs should know, which makes sense when you want to ensure your pet is properly responsive and safe! If you want dogs that show off tricks, it helps to choose a breed with a social and lively personality like the Poodle or the Jack Russell terrier. Remember to implement the most important commands first, though, and save the party tricks for later!

Choosing Professional Dog Trainers

There’s no shame in seeking out dog obedience training classes. Puppy training can help iron out the wrinkles in their learning curve and stave off frustration and sleepless nights in the future. Professional dog trainers unanimously agreed on a recent survey that positive reinforcement is the best way to train a dog, with 94% of owners agreeing that they spend a little time teaching their pet every day. Classes can be done twice per week, to better implement core necessities while simultaneously helping your pet socialize and meet fellow dogs. Next time you get a puppy, consider contacting a professional dog trainer — you’ll both be thankful for it!