Benefits of Veterinary Services for Your Pet

Routine preventive care for pets

Veterinary services are beneficial for pets for a variety of reasons, some are obvious, and some you may not really think about. Everyone knows that a veterinary service gives our pets vaccinations, and new pets usually go to the vet once every 3-4 weeks until they are around 4 months of age, but veterinary services provide more than vaccines for our pets. Listed below are a few other common reasons owners bring their pets to the vets office.

Bites and laceration wounds are an extremely common injury in cats and dogs. Common triggers for attacks are being around other animals, hunting or playing and being in heat. Having your pet spayed and neutered helps calm some aggression. Actively monitoring your pet and understanding their impulse behavior regarding their territory helps as well, but nothing can completely prevent bites. When your pet becomes injured due to a bite or laceration bandaging of the wound and stitching may be required. Your pet should be seen by a quality veterinary care facility or pet hospital to determine the extent of damage, proper course of treatment and whether antibiotics are necessary.

Skin Problems

Another issue seen in pets is skin abrasions, punctures or abnormal growths on the skin. Abrasions usually clear on their own, but proper monitoring should be used to ensure they do not become infected. A veterinarian should see puncture wounds. A high quality pet health care clinic can help you determine whether the puncture is serious or if it will heal on its own. Abnormal growths on your pet’s skin should always be check immediately. These could be early warning signs of cancer. If caught early surgical services for pets can remove the growth and determine whether it is cancerous or not. When considering surgical services for pets you should make sure to use a veterinary practice you are familiar with and trust.

Uterine and Prostate Problems

Many people believe that surgical services for pets to spay and neuter them only prevent future pregnancies, but these surgical procedures serve other purposes as well. By having your pets spayed and neutered you can help prevent mammary cancer and prostate problems. A female increases her chances of acquiring mammary cancer each time she goes into heat. Uterine infections are common for pets who have not been fixed, and these usually require emergency surgical services for pets. This surgery is extremely costly and places a major risk on your pet. Having your make pet neutered reduces the chances or prostate problems developing, which can quickly become a very costly fix.

Dental Issues

Dental issues are quite common in our aging pets. Around 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of dental disease by the age of three. Dental disease leads to loose teeth, abscessed teeth and tooth loss. Normal routine dental work in pets is considered an anesthetic procedure. Once the animal us under anesthesia and the tooth has been properly cleaned, then the amount of damage done to the tooth can be determined. Sometimes a simple cleaning is all that is required, but other times removing the entire tooth becomes necessary.

Older pets should be seen by a vet twice a year to ensure proper health. Following this advice can help reduce the changes of serious injuries or diseases that require surgical services for pets to get better. Keep your pet in optimum health by visiting your veterinarian regularly.