How An Antler Dog Chew Or Bully Stick Can Keep Your Dog From Developing Periodontal Disease

Natural dog treat

How do you keep your dog happy? Is it through playing with them at the park every weekend or perhaps treating them to a grooming session at your local animal spa? There are many ways to keep your furry friend cheerful throughout the week. Not only can an antler dog chew do wonders for keeping them busy, it can improve their physical health in multiple aspects. For those interested in buying bully sticks online or those who aren’t sure about the benefits of an antler dog chew, the list below will answer the most common questions.

Dogs In America

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the United States. Nearly half of all households in the country have at least one dog, if not several, and see themselves actively seeking out treats to keep their pets healthy and occupied. The year 2015 saw over 77 million dogs living in households, making the demand for dog chews and natural dog treats higher than ever before. Knowing which one to choose depends on your dog’s health as well as breed characteristics.

Calorie Intake

It’s important to watch your dog’s calorie intake to prevent them from becoming overweight, bloated or both. Certain breeds are more prone to the latter, such as Pugs and Dachshunds, and diets should be adjusted accordingly to keep them as healthy as possible. The average bully stick can contain anywhere from nine to 22 calories per inch, depending on the ingredients and brand you choose — a study found that a six inch bully stick will offer around 88 calories. In other words, 9% of calorie intake for a 50 pound dog.

General Weight

In order to keep your dog at a healthy weight you should choose the right antler dog chew or organic dog chew. The average dog will need 30 calories per pound of body weight in order to maintain their current weight, but this can always change over time. Dog treats should be no more than 10% of a dog’s total daily calorie intake, though it can be tempting to spoil your pet out of love. Bully sticks are made out of 100% beef, considered incredibly tasty by all breeds of dogs. Bully sticks can also come in organic varieties.

Physical Health

Your pet’s physical health is important. You take them on walks to stretch out their legs and play with them to encourage a healthy heart. When it comes to their teeth and gums, an antler bone chew or bully stick will help stave off common diseases. Veterinarians estimate around 85% of dogs over the age of four will have some form of periodontal disease or gingivitis, both of which can make eating difficult and cause bleeding. While these aren’t the only teeth and gum issues, they’re the most common and can be quickly identified with the aid of a professional. Likewise, you can reduce their rates by providing your dogs with regular treats.

Choosing A Dog Treat

Which dog treat is best for your pet should be considered carefully so they can get the most out of it. Antlers are primarily made out of bone, that of which contains healthy calcium and phosphorus. A single deer’s antlers can grow at a rate of a quarter inch every day and are shed on a yearly basis. Although an antler bone chew or bully stick are good for your dog’s gums and teeth, they should still be checked on a yearly basis by a veterinarian to be on the safe side. In order to maintain a healthy weight and a happy mind, consider investing in quality dog chews.