Invaluable Items To Invest In For Your Dogs

Our loyal companion, the dog, has been by mankind’s side since time immemorial. This has led to many dog owners, as many as 75 million pet dogs live in the United States, more than anywhere else in the world. With that strong love came inventions that solve many dog owner’s problems. Dogs have teeth that can destroy things when left unchecked. Dogs also experience similar problems mankind does, and thankfully, we have that covered, too. Here, we’ll discuss a few quality of life items that are well worth investing it.

We Aren’t The Only Ones That Get Arthritis

Yes, it is true, our lovable fur babies experience arthritis like we do. Line up four dogs and at least one of those four dogs will have arthritis to some degree. If you have arthritis, you can imagine what it is like for your pup. Before you clutch your dog in pity, there are methods to easing your dog’s suffering and giving them some semblance of an active life they once had.

First, invest in dog braces. These braces, like mankind uses, can help support the joints of your dog. Doing so means relieving the pressure and compression your dog feels in their joints when they move.

Do you own a memory foam mattress? Does your dog frequently sleep in your bed like 45 percent of the dogs in the United States do? Chances are good that your dog is sleeping there, not only because they love you, but because your memory foam mattress is good on their joints. This is the reason orthopedic dog beds design them with memory foam. Memory foam in the bed gives the same relieving pressure and compression that a brace might give by spreading out your dog’s weight.

You’re Not Supposed To Chew That

Dogs love to chew. It is in their nature, but some dogs do it more than others. Luckily, dog kennel pads can come specifically with chew proof edges. Your pup can chew on the dog kennel pads all they want. Thought it should be noted that chew proof dog kennel pads won’t last forever, but they will give your dog a hard time by being incredibly resistant to their teeth. It’s worth investing if you don’t want to constantly buy new beds for your best friend.

Looking For A Dog?

Animal shelters are currently housing six million animals every year in the United States. If you are looking for a dog, you can always stop by an animal shelter and give a happy dog a home. And if it just so happens that they have arthritis, then you will have the knowledge to help them live a happier life.