Small Dog Daycare Ensure Your Puppy Is Taken Care of While You’re at Work

There is a greater demand for pet care centers. The main reasons for this are that pet owners are now working further away from home and for longer hours than they did previously. Many individuals also need to go on extended business trips or attend conferences away from home. Fortunately, there are professional daycare centers available to provide expert care for canine family members.

Dog Play Groups and Socialization at Daycare Centers

When dogs stay at pet daycare centers when their humans are at work, they participate in play groups and other forms of socialization. In order to have enough space for dogs to play, these facilities should be at least 1,500 square feet for every 15 dogs. When it comes to ideal handler-to-dog ratios, experts recommend one handler for every ten dogs. It may also be acceptable to have one handler for every 15 dogs.

A Recent Study on Boarding Kennels

Sometimes, dogs need to stay at a boarding kennel when their family is on vacation or on a business trip. In some instances, dogs are group, rather than individually, housed. According to a recent study on social play with group-housed dogs, 343 social-play bouts were recorded. It’s important to note that with the exception of one instance, all of these play bouts were between two dogs at a time. Not only does this underline the importance of group housing at boarding kennels, it also points to how important it is for dogs to play and engage with each other socially.

Learn More About Small Dog Daycare and Boarding Kennels

Since you want your new puppy or small dog to be well taken care of while you’re away at work or out of town, the good news is that there is a professional small dog daycare land cage-free boarding kennel located near you. In addition to receiving meals, taking naps, and engaging in play time, your beloved pet can also receive professional dog grooming. Once you contact the local daycare and boarding kennel in your area, you will be able to learn more about both standard and specialized puppy care.