Is It a Good Time to Get a Dog? If You’re Working From Home, It Might Be

If you’re working from home, and many individuals are these days, it might be a good time to get a companion. A companion that will provide unconditional love and comfort. What sort of companion might that be? Well, a dog of course. Not only does a dog provide emotional support, but the pup can also help reduce anxiety and depression.

There are a lot of factors to take into account when you pursue dog ownership, such as when to get regular checkups and shots, knowing leash laws in your town, where the dog parks are, scheduling regular playtime, the best quality food, and sleeping arrangements, such as whether to use a crate or a dog bed. Also know the best grooming, nail trimming, teeth cleaning procedures, and whether your dog needs obedience school or guard dog training. Also, if you have children, you need to research the best dog breeds that are good with children and even other pets. The following are some key tips to let you know if it’s the right time to get a puppy or adopt an older dog. So, is it a good time to get a dog? Read on and find out.

Deciding Whether It’s a Good Time

Before taking the big step and adopting a dog, you might want to check your lease. Is it a good time to get a dog if you live in an apartment? Many apartments do not allow dogs specifically, and you don’t want to face eviction for bringing a four-legged friend home. However, should you be in the clear with your lease, going to your local shelter and adopting an older dog might be a better bet for an apartment dwelling. Older dogs are typically quieter and prefer cuddling to running around and barking.

Your finances should be taken into account when introducing anything new into your sphere. Dogs can be expensive, and you want to be sure they are cared for properly by purchasing the right food and other needs. If it is an older dog, you might even need to purchase special medication. This is where good money management comes in to determine, is it a good time to get a dog? Set a budget for your dog, and try to be sure to meet the pup’s specific needs. You’ll need to take your dog for walks around the neighborhood, so you want to be sure to purchase a good collar and leash.

Saving up before you bring a dog home is always a good course of action. Pet ownership should be taken seriously, not an impulse buy. Therefore, have everything you need for a dog before introducing the animal into your environment. Some items include proper dishes for your dog’s food, such as stainless steel, the aforementioned quality collar and leash, a dog bed, a baby gate to keep the dog out of areas you don’t want the dog to get into, and a kennel. Also, be sure to have plastic bags on hand for when you take your dog for a walk so you can clean up after nature calls!

Steps to Take Before Your Pup Comes Home

Is it a good time to get a dog? Only you can tell. Some other necessary steps include ensuring your pet is secure and won’t escape into the great unknown. A quality garage door opener is handy not only for you but to be especially sure that your garage is secure so there’s no worry of the dog escaping. A fenced-in yard is good to have, so you can let your dog roam free in his or her yard. Also, install a pet door so the dog can go in and out when he or she feels like it. A fenced-in yard is the ultimate protection for your pet and also avoids the animal feeling cooped up if you’re busy with work or other tasks. Of course, getting the pup out for regular walks not only helps you to bond with the animal, but both of you get needed exercise and the benefits of nature.

Other steps you can take before bringing a pup into your home include making sure doors are properly fitted and screens are mended, so if it’s a smaller dog, there’s no chance of escaping through them. If you purchase the dog from a shelter, they are usually chipped, so in the event your dog does escape, they will be easier to locate. When you work at home, you want to be focused on the task at hand, not worrying about whether or not your dog is getting into something or trying to escape. Having precautions in place will ensure that you can be productive, and your pet will be happy too.

It takes a dog about a month to feel comfortable and show you their personality. It can take dogs up to three months to become comfortable and used to a new environment. If you get a puppy, for the first three weeks, have the dog sleep in a crate next to your bed. Line the crate with soft blankets and cover the crate so the puppy feels secure. Adding stuffed animals and toys to the crate is helpful too.

A New Work Space for You and Your Pup

You want to be sure that you and your new pet are comfortable not only together but in your surrounding. Is it a good time to get a dog if you have nothing prepared? Painting a room designated for your specific workspace will help you to have a sanctuary where you can not only be productive, but you can be sure your dog is cared for. Quality shades help keep the sun out to keep your room at an agreeable temperature for you and your little buddy. While you’re working in your new space, be sure your dog has plenty to keep him occupied, such as chew toys and even stuffed animals. Place a dog bed next to your desk area so your dog can rest near you while you complete your work requirements.

Blue and violet hues are the most emotionally calming to dogs. These colors are even used in veterinary settings because they appear lighter to animals and aren’t abrasive to their eyes. Red, orange, and yellow are more stimulating to humans but don’t put off a calming vibe. Dogs can only see shades of blues and yellows. Orange, for example, doesn’t register with them; it’s more of a dull-looking yellow to a dog. Should your dog become frightened by outside noises, blue and violet hues will have a calming effect on them.

Choose the colors of your space, and your home in general, based on this color scheme. Colors have a profound effect on the psyche, so if you feel comfortable and calm, your dog will pick up on that energy and thus feel calm too. Is it a good time to get a dog if you don’t have a proper space ready? Most likely you need to be sure your home is dog-ready before going forward.

Is it a Good Time to Get a Dog After Divorce?

Is it a good time to get a dog right after a divorce? Absolutely! Don’t drown your sorrows in a big order of Japanese food or a bucket of ice cream. Instead, find a companion who can be with you during difficult times. A dog can provide much-needed companionship following the pain of separation and divorce. According to APPA’s latest market research, nearly 68 percent of households in the United States include at least one pet. The APPA states that these pets include 90 million dogs and 94 million cats. That’s a lot of pets who provide comfort, stability, and companionship. Pets can also provide a warm “welcome home” feeling in the months following a divorce.

Having a pet also provides a much-needed distraction away from problems, and studies have shown that pets lower anxiety and increase feelings of positivism and love. This is why pets are provided at elder care facilities: to reduce the feelings of loneliness and to promote healthier residents. Pets can increase opportunities to exercise and get out in the fresh air. Regular walks or playing with a pet can help decrease high blood pressure or reduce cholesterol levels. In addition to emotional support, dogs can help to improve the health of their owners.

Your Pup Will Get You Moving

Here’s the scenario: Say you’re working at a desk job all day. It might be a web design company or customer service answering phone calls. You’re going to want to take a break. Your dog’s need for exercise will get you moving too. It’s been mentioned already that a pet can help keep you healthy, so why not engage in some daily exercise routines with your pet? Is it a good time to get a dog when you’re working from home? The answer is a definitive “yes.”

Not only can you be at home all day to be sure the dog’s needs are met, but you can also establish a routine every morning before you even begin work. Take your dog to the nearest dog park and walk around, or run on a trail with your dog. Take him or her along with you on bike jaunts. There are many ways you can include your pet into the daily exercise that is healthy for both of you.

Don’t feel like putting a leash on your dog? Invest in a stroller to put the dog in while you do your daily run or walk. No matter how you slice it, dog ownership is beneficial not just for the constant companionship, but to help you stay in shape. Engaging in play with your dog also helps to burn calories. Playing games of fetch or Frisbee not only helps the dog’s overall well-being, as it provides positive reinforcement to them, but it also helps you to bond with them and gets your heart rate up.

Taking Care of Your Pup

Is it a good time to get a dog when they require so much care? Furry friends can be infinitely rewarding, so getting a new fur baby will be worth it. One requirement of pet ownership is to make sure your pet’s choppers are in good working order. Making sure they have straight teeth is of paramount importance. If a dog’s teeth are bad, they will have trouble chewing, and as a result, they will lose weight and become unhealthy. Take your dog for regular grooming and dental checkups. Regular brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste specific to dogs helps as well as toys and treats to help reduce bacteria in your pet’s mouth.

A dog’s mouth requires daily attention. It’s ideal to brush your dog’s teeth at least twice daily. Once brushing becomes a part of a daily routine, your dog may begin to enjoy that bonding moment with you. Sometimes brushing three times a day is recommended to help with plaque removal and tartar accumulation. Is this a job you don’t want to undertake yourself, take your dog to a professional groomer.

While you’re taking the time out for the grooming, grab your dog an adorable silver jewelry pendant engraved with their name. A collar such as this is helpful because, should they become lost, having a pendant engraved with their name and your name will help them to be returned to you. A custom made pendant will not only make your pet look adorable, but it will also prove functional. Most of these pendants are made to withstand weather conditions and rough and tumble play. Many of the chains are adjustable as well. Your dog will be the most perfectly groomed and styled on the block if you take care of grooming, tooth care, and use accessories such as silver jewelry, ribbons, or bandannas.

Should you decide to be a fur parent, know that it is a commitment, but ultimately a positive decision, no matter what you’re going through in life. Is it a good time to get a dog if you have recently had a big life change? Yes, a furry friend can help through the trials and tribulations of life. Be sure to have your home pet-proofed, have the right toys and food, figure out sleeping arrangements, and acclimate the dog to your environment as best you can, including with other pets and children. Do your research to determine what will work best for you and the new pet. Once you have it all figured out, go for it! You won’t regret your choice.