Prep Your Children, Home, and Property for Getting a Dog After Divorce

One day, you and your spouse may have to go through the unfortunate instance of divorce. However, you might want to do something to make your children feel better about the situation. Getting a dog for the home is a great way to soothe their souls. A furry friend might be just what they need to alleviate some of the sadness of a broken home.

You must set up your children, property, and home for getting a dog after divorce, however. It may take some time, but making some changes will help everything go smoother. These tips will help you with your prepping efforts.

1. Explain the Divorce to the Children

The first thing you need to do before getting a dog after divorce is talk to the children about what will happen. Children have a habit of taking divorces and separations upon themselves and blaming themselves for their parents’ breaking up. This self-blame can cause issues like depression, anxiety, withdrawal, etc. However, you can contribute to helping them keep their self-esteem intact by sitting them down with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and explaining that it’s not their fault.

Let them know that you both love them very much and will be in their lives for the duration. At this time, you can also mention that you’ll be purchasing a pet to keep them company when they feel lonely. That conversation should alleviate some of the pain of knowing their parents will be separating. Most children will respond to an announcement about a new pet with a smile and a glimmer in their eyes. They’ll have something to look forward to even though one relationship will change.

You can also talk to them about shopping for the dog as a family. This process is highly possible if you and your spouse can still talk to each other warmly and spend time around each other. You can set a date to take your kids to find a pet when you’re both off, and they can remember it as a fun time with the family. You’ll be glad you took the time to do this for your children during your complicated divorce process.

2. Find a Good Attorney

Even if you have a good relationship with your soon-to-be ex, you’ll need a local divorce lawyer. It’s a must if you have children or property to distribute. A lawyer can help you in an abundance of ways and take some of the mental and emotional burden from both of you. This person can act as a mediator, advisor, administrator, and in some cases, a friend.

Determining how much you’ll need to spend on an attorney before getting a dog after divorce would be wise. You’ll also need to look for an attorney with certain attributes to ensure you’ll hire someone responsible. Those attributes are compassion, empathy, fairness, and dedication. You will realize how empathetic and compassionate your attorney is when you schedule the consultation and speak to them privately.

You also need to check that person’s credentials and what other people have to say about their experiences with them as an attorney. Don’t rush to hire the first divorce lawyer you meet. Research at least three providers and schedule a consultation with every one of them. The goal is to give yourself the best opportunity to have an excellent attorney in your corner.

3. Pick Out a Dog

When you’re ready, you can look for a puppy or dog your children will like. You can take several avenues to find your furry friend. One way is to go to an animal shelter. Animal shelters have animals that have been abandoned, dropped off, found, etc.

The age of the dogs ranges from newborns to ‘senior citizens.’ The good part about going to a shelter is they’ll ensure your dog gets microchipped and has their dog vaccination shots before you take it home. They will also do deworming and other procedures to ensure your family remains healthy after you take the dog home.

Another option is to use some of your savings or spending money to buy a specific dog breed. You might want to buy your children an Old English Bulldog, Dalmatian, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, etc. If you like, you can speak to dog breeders about the costs and order a puppy from them.

You can also check the classifieds and online classifieds for pet owners who want to offer their dogs to someone else who can care for them. You might get lucky and get a dog with a friendly disposition that doesn’t cost you much. Be sure to take your children to participate in the selection process. They’ll want to meet the available pets and choose one they can get along with. This process will give you more time to bond with your children and ensure you make the right decision when choosing the dog.

Furthermore, you’ll need to gather some things for your dog before you bring it home. One thing you’ll need to purchase is a doggie mattress, cage, or other resting area for the pet. You will need food, grooming tools, and many toys, too. Your children should also be a part of that process.

4. Get Treatment for Your Kids

Another thing you’ll need to do before getting a dog after divorce is to have your children treated for any conditions they have. Getting the proper treatment for them will ensure they get along well with the dog when it becomes a full-time member of your household. For example, you might need to get one of your children treatment for anxiety. Getting that child on the right regimen will prevent him or her from being scared to interact with the dog. Maybe you need ADHD treatment for another child. Getting that child the right can help him or her stay focused on interaction time and playtime.

Choose your mental health specialist or doctor the same way you would choose any other provider. That means researching what other people say about this person’s care. You’ll also want to take your children when you consult with that provider. Then, you will see whether your child feels comfortable with the person assisting with the condition. Put off getting a pet until all your children are settled and relaxed about life.

5. Get Your Lawn Taken Care Of

Your lawn is a crucial part of your home, and it’s paramount that you take care of it before getting a dog after divorce. Your new dog will want to spend lots of time outside running around and playing. Thus, you’ll want to ensure the grass is well-rinsed and reduced to a reasonable size. It’s much easier to see dog poo on mowed grass than it is in a several-inches-high mess.

Now you know what to do. You need to contact the right specialists to begin getting it down. Find a lawn service provider in your area and contact them via telephone or short form. Ask them if they provide lawn treatment like mowing and irrigation services.

Also, request that they treat your yard to eliminate lawn pests that might bother your new dog when you bring it home. Ensure you ask for a quote so that you can compare that quote to other providers in the same field. Read reviews and choose wisely when you hire.

6. Get Rid of Pests

Another thing you must do inside your home before getting a dog after divorce is to clear it of all rodents. The term rodent might refer to spiders, ants, bed bugs, roaches, mice, termites, and more. Most pests are troublesome and can cause damage to your home in one way or another. They can also make you or your children sick if not cared for. Additionally, they can cause trouble to the new pet you bring into your home. Your pet might have an allergy from exposure to one of the previously mentioned rodents. Your dog might also get a pest in its ear and suffer an ear infection. In the worst cases, your furry friend might decide to feast upon the rodents, which might cause gastrointestinal issues.

Fortunately, getting rodent removal is pretty easy. First, contact a well-known pest removal company in your area. They’ll inspect your home and let you know if they notice you have a problem with a specific pest.

They will also offer you a solution to your problem. They might choose to use advanced rodent-killing spray inside your home. Alternatively, they might choose a safer method that takes a little longer. It would be smart to do this before you bring a new pet home. That way, you won’t have to worry about pests interfering with the dog’s comfort or mood level.

7. Remove the Random Wildlife

The next thing to do before getting a dog after a divorce is to remove the random wildlife in your area. The more ‘species’ roaming outside your home, the more likely your dog will ingest those animals. He will probably want to protect the territory, even if he doesn’t consume the intruders. He will most likely bite and maul them, resulting in you having many carcasses in your yard. To avoid that, please reach out to an experienced wildlife removal company and have them do whatever they need to do to get these animals away from your home.

8. Fix Your Garage Door

The next thing you’ll want to do is take care of your garage door repairs before getting a dog after divorce. Your garage door is the barrier between the elements, intruders, and your home. Thus, you’ll need to ensure all parts are closed and sealed. Getting your garage door issues fixed can save you a lot of money on electricity. You’ll also ensure that the dog stays home and can’t get out the garage door because of holes, cracks, or vulnerable areas.

Garage door companies are available for repairs, maintenance, and guidance. The specialists in this field can inspect your door for problems and suggest solutions. They can also suggest upgrading your garage door before bringing a new pet to your household.

They may know of some more pet-friendly options than others, and you might like their ideas for the changes you can make to your garage door. You never know. Think about it: you can contact a specialist to ask them to visit your home. Let this be another task you cross off your pre-dog-purchasing list.

9. Remove Plant Remains

If you live in a farm area, you may want to take care of plant residues before you buy a dog. Plant residues comprise all the leftover stems, roots, leaves, and other items that get onto the field after harvest. You can contact a trusty team of specialists to visit your property and remove these items.

A clean field will be good for your dog when it needs time outside to play. You will not have to worry about your dog getting skin injuries or biting into something it doesn’t need to. The costs for these services can vary, but you can compare them as you would for any other provider. Take time to get the most from your chosen provider for the job. Ask as many questions as possible and receive the appropriate answers to get the best results.

10. Get Your Heating and Cooling System Checked

The last thing you’ll need to do is get your HVAC system checked and fixed if necessary. Having your system working well will keep your family members comfortable and keep the dog healthy and from overheating and becoming ill. HVAC experts can visit your home and conduct an inspection. They’ll let you know if there’s anything wrong with your unit and let you know what needs to be done to fix it. Listen to them well and agree with their suggestions to ensure your system comforts everyone in your family.

The people can also participate in giving your heating and cooling system regular maintenance. Those maintenance tasks include cleaning, filter changing, coolant refills, etc. Getting someone to care for your unit regularly will elongate the time it works well for you. Take care of these matters before getting a dog before a divorce.

Now you know what to do before getting a dog before divorce. Preparing for life changes is always best before you start those processes. Take the tips above and ensure your home and children are ready to receive their new furry friend.