Three Facts Every Web Business Owner Needs to Know in 2014

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What can a team of professional website designers do to improve your business? That’s a question best left for the professionals. And the pros have been hard at work answering inquiries just like that for years now.

That’s because content marketing has been king of the hill for quite a while, and as the old saying goes, if your business don’t have a professional website, it doesn’t exist. Now it’s not enough to simply have a site — you’ve got to be a presence on the web. That’s where web marketing (specifically content marketing) can help. Whether you’re trying to get your users to find a vet online or you’re recruiting other businesses to come and work with you, it’s all about creating a professional website, then knowing what to do with it.

These three website SEO tips are a good place to start.

1. Search engines have a return rate of $22 for every dollar spent.

In other words, your business literally can’t afford to not be investing in search engines. Couple those numbers with these — that nine out of 10 web users begin their internet sessions by visiting a search engine — and you realize the true value of search for increasing your company’s visibility. You might be tempted to take the easy way and simply pay for ad space in the listings, but studies show that users almost always prefer the organic results. The only question is: how do you get ranked organically?

2. Using social media and SEO together can improve click-through rates by 94%.

That’s according to a report from advertising industry giant GroupM, making the true influence of social media on SEO very hard to ignore. Picture it this way. You hire a professional design team to craft a compelling, dynamic website and now you have to promote it. Without the right promotion, you can’t even dream of landing in the top search rankings in Google, and what easier promotion is there than Facebook post, tweets and Pinterest boards? It’s all about meeting the user where he or she already is.

3. Over 80% of business-to-business marketers rely on content marketing.

You may have heard this one before, but it’s still true in 2014 as it was five years ago — “Content is king.” That’s because you can’t create a website and expect it to get hits if you’re not promoting it. And you can’t tweet if you’ve got nothing to tweet about, so start creating. Hiring a content marketing team to keep your site fresh and updated is the last piece of the internet marketing puzzle. Once it’s all in place, you’ll see how it all fits together. Hey, you might even get ranked on the first search engine results page when all is said and done.

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