Animal Experts Reveal Puppy Training Secrets

Therapy dog training

Why were four dogs waiting at the finish line of the recent Boston Marathon? The lovable and affectionate golden retrievers Luther, Ruthie, Hannah, and Rufus offered comfort and solace past victims and victims’ families as marathon attendees and participants passed the finish line last month. The well-behaved pups are specially trained members of The Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry. The foursome travels the U.S., offering snuggles to people coping with various tragedies. With some direction and loving dedication, all dogs can be as docile and friendly as Luther, Ruthie, Hannah, and Rufus. Here are some dog training tips from industry experts:

Stop Rewarding Bad Behavior

Dogs crave any and all kinds of attention, experts say. If you scold misbehaved puppies or dogs, you are still giving them attention — and they are likely to repeat these behaviors again. Learn to correct behaviors properly. When puppies or dogs misbehave, dog training schools recommend temporarily pretending that they are not in the room. Your beloved pet will pick up on the cue that he or she has done something wrong and is unlikely to do it again. Reward good behavior, on the other hand, with lots of attention.

Train Dogs to Be Alone, and Start Young

“Many dogs that are kept in homes have a real problem with being left alone at some point in their lives,” animal behaviorist John Bradshaw explains. When obedience training a puppy carefully map out a plan for teaching dogs to be alone. Dog training videos and residential dog training experts explain that setting aside time to teach this behavior — just like you would teach dogs to sit or use the bathroom — will have tangible rewards.

Know When To Bring In a Professional

Sometimes, you need a little extra help. If dogs are being particularly aggressive or bothersome — or if you simply have a packed schedule — dog training schools can help. Dog training schools have experience with all breeds and pups of all ages.

With the right training, everyone can enjoy the company a friendly and gentle dog. Correct behaviors properly, carefully train dogs to be alone, and bring in professional help in extreme cases for the best-behaved pets. This is a great source for more: