What You Should Know About Taking Your Dog to the Groomer

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China has a hot new grooming trend among its dogs, and it’s not anything anyone expected. Many dog owners are looking for dogs styled to look like the country’s iconic animal — the panda.

“With a bit of careful grooming and coloring, it is easy to turn a chow into a panda dog in about two hours,” says pet shop owner Hsin Ch’en, who works out of Chengdu City. Supposedly, there are no chemicals — or cruelty — involved in the grooming. Some dogs with the grooming treatment just have panda markings, while others genuinely resemble small bears.

Most vets tend to advise against dying your pets, especially for long periods of time. There are no dyes specifically formulated for dogs. Pets are also likely to consume dye because of licking, which can lead to chemical poisoning and illness.

Comfortable pet grooming for your dog (or cat) shouldn’t involve hair dye, but there are a lot of other amenities that are perfectly fine for your pet — some can even help them have better quality of life. Flea treatment, for example, can provide relief to dogs who have had to deal with itching and scratching lately.

Should you pay for dog toe nail trim services? If you have trouble cutting your dog’s toes yourself, the answer is yes. It can be annoying to you if your dog scratches you or your floors with its nails, but it can actually become painful to your dog if the nails are not cut. Ingrown nails can occur, and long nails can sometimes contribute to an irregular gait, which can result in skeletal damage. If you want to try and trim your dog’s nails yourself sometimes, start slowly and ease them into it. Rather than giving them a full pedicure the first time, just do one or two nails, and reward them with a treat.

Deshedding treatments can eliminate the bulk of your pet’s fur coat, which can help not only to reduce the amount of pet hair flying around your home, but can also be better during the hot summer months when fur-heavy dogs can more easily become overheated. For best results, dogs need to receive routine treatment from a groomer for it to be fully effective. Dog grooming in this case will involve a warm bath, a blowout, deep conditioning and a trim.

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