Three Amazing DIY Remedies For Your Kitty Cat

Medicine for animals

Believe it or not, some of the best pet health solutions can be found right in your cupboards. Here are a few DIY remedies you can use to make your furry, feline friends feel fine!

Chamomile Can Help a Kitty’s Skin.

Believe it or not, one popular veterinarian for cats likes to use chamomile tea to alleviate skin irritations. If your pet has raw skin, you should make some chamomile, put it in a spray bottle, let it set in the fridge, and then spray it on the irritated areas.

Lemon Can Help Scare Off Fleas.

There are a number of different pet health solutions to fight fleas, but one of the best is to use citrus fruits. So if your favorite little kitty has a pesky flea problem, make you cat’s fur unfavorable to those parasites by rubbing it with a little bit of either fresh lemon or fresh orange juice. It’ll work even better if you use a mostly-juiced rind. Failing that, there are other DIY pet health solutions you can use to get rid of fleas like adding brewer’s yeast to his or her food every day.

Cranberry Juice Can Help Bladder Issues.

Unfortunately, cats are prone to getting urethra and bladder troubles. One of the best pet health solutions you can find in your cupboards to help is none other than unsweetened cranberry juice. You see, it increases urine acidity, which consequently helps reduce the chance of infections and/or blockages. You can feed your cat cranberries in a number of ways — adding some juice to its water, giving it a cranberry capsule, or even just by adding cranberry powder to its food. However, you may want to ask your vet how much to give.

Some of the best medicine for animals can be made right at home. With these DIY pet health solutions, you’ll be able to help your four-legged-friend when they’re not feeling so well. If you have any pet health questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Learn more.