Four Amazing Things You Never Knew About Dogs

Australian miniature labradoodle

Last summer, researchers studied 36 dogs from 14 different breeds, and found that man’s best friend is actually a green-eyed-monster. The dogs acted indifferently when they were ignored by their owners, but then dramatically changed their behavior when owners showered a stuffed dog with attention.

And that’s not all! Here are a couple other amazing things other researchers have found.

They Don’t Feel Guilt.

Dogs like adorable little chocolate labradoodle puppies may get jealous, but they do not get guilty. According to a study from Barnard College, humans just interpret dogs’ reactions to being scolded as feeling guilt. The researcher found that dogs who were scolded after being told off for eating a treat looked “guilty,” and that dogs who were wrongly accused often looked even more “guilty.”

They Can See in Color.

If you thought those baby blue eyes of chocolate labradoodle puppies only saw in black and white, think again. Dogs have two cones in their eyes, so while they may not be able to see color as well as people do, they do see colors on a blue and yellow scale. They just can’t distinguish between red and green.

They Can Smell Disease.

Being sick figuratively stinks, but to some dogs, it literally does. These noses of dogs like chocolate labradoodle puppies have an incredible ability to smell a range of organic compounds, which allows them to know when the human body isn’t working as it should. Scientists are now actually working on on training dogs to sniff out illnesses like cancer.

Who would have thought those adorable, little black labradoodle puppies were incapable of feeling guilt? Or that chocolate labradoodle puppies may be able to sniff out your flu? Or that those precious, miniature labradoodle puppies can actually see in color?

While these may not be good reasons to go out and buy chocolate labradoodle puppies for sale, they’re certainly no reason not to, either, and why not? These friendly little pups make for great companions, and will welcome you with overflowing happiness the moment you come home.

If you know of any other weird facts about dogs or chocolate labradoodle puppies, feel free to share in the comments.