How to Tell If Your Pet Is Having an Emergency

Health care for animals

It can be quite hard to tell the difference between when a pet needs emergency vet care, and when they’re just a little bit under the weather. After all, they can’t just come right out and say how they’re feeling. If you make the wrong call, you could wind up with exorbitant veterinarian bills. On the other hand, though, your pet’s life may be in danger if they don’t get to an advanced veterinary care center in time.

Quite the figurative rock and a hard place.

Luckily, there are signs you can use to tell the difference. Here are just a couple.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call Your Veterinary Care Center.

If you’re worried about your four-legged friend, don’t be embarrassed to call your veterinary care center. Most facilities will have a vet on call to take questions, or provide referrals to emergency services. These caring professionals would rather be woken up in the middle of the night than let a pet die.

As for knowing when to call the pet wellness center, that’s entirely up to you as the owner. Your family knows your pet better than anyone, and are the only ones who can really tell if he or she is acting or behaving strangely. Even the most subtle cues could indicate a serious injury or illness warranting a trip to the veterinary care center.

The Obvious.

There are other indicators, though, that aren’t as subtle. You need to take your pet to a veterinary care center if he or she:

  • Isn’t breathing, and/or doesn’t have a heartbeat.
  • Is unconscious and won’t wake up.
  • Has been vomiting or suffering from diarrhea for over 24 hours.
  • Has potentially broken a bone.
  • Is having difficulties breathing.
  • Is having seizures.
  • Is bleeding from the mouth, nose, eyes, or is vomiting or peeing blood.
  • Ate something that could potentially be poisonous.
  • Shows signs of pain, such as shaking, whining, or antisocial behavior.
  • Has a swollen abdomen, which is hard to the touch.

If your pet has any of these symptoms, take him or her to a veterinary care center on the double.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to call. You can also leave any general questions you may have in the comments as well.