A Black Labradoodle Will Still Your Heart

Standard australian labradoodles

How many pets have you owned in your life? Are you a family that has always had at least one pet, or are you a family that is considering a pet for the first time? As of 2012 62% of U.S. residents had a pet in their home. Furthermore, nearly 60% of Americans think that pet owners lead more satisfying lives than those people who do not own a pet. Depending on your commitment and experience you might decide that black labradoodles, or another similar breed, are the best pet choice for your circumstances.

The miniature labradoodle and standard australian labradoodles are popular breeds, but black labradoodles seem to catch the attention of many discerning customers. Just over one fourth of owners purchase their dogs from breeders. The American Veterinary Medical Association, estimates that 40% of pet owners learn about their pet through word of mouth, by seeking advice from close friends and family. A breeder who has a good reputation among your relatives and coworkers is a good place to start.

Pet owners often have something very specific they are looking for in black labradoodles and Australian labradoodle breeders. These breeds can be very good for families caring for elderly family members or disabled or autistic children. If you decide to invest in this breed of pet it is important that you do your research. For example, if someone is looking for black labradoodle puppies you will want to research on the internet for local breeders if they are available. If you live in the midwest and through the internet locate labradoodle puppies for sale in Georgia you need to be prepared for not only the expense of purchasing your new pet, but also the expense of the transportation to pick up your pet. Some breeders even want to meet new pet owners face to face before they will selling a dog. This means that if you live in North Carolina you might want to limit your search to “labradoodle puppies South Carolina and North Carolina” to avoid unnecessary travel expenses.

It goes without saying that making the decision to purchase a dog from a breeder is not a decision to take lightly. Almost all successful dog owners, in fact, nearly 70% commit to taking their talk for daily walks, with an average walk lasting at leaf 17 minutes. Caring for a special breed like black labradoodles though involves more than just daily walks. Most pet owners, in fact the percentage is over 75%, confess to buying their animals Christmas presents and toys.

Caution, it is also important to know that having black labradoodles, or similar breeds, as pets can be a bit addicting. In fact, some breeders confess that up to 30% of their business comes from repeat owners who are seeking a second, similar pet.