Cat Care Why Choosing the Right Vet Is Vital

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Dogs might be man’s best friends, but cats are the kings and queen of our hearts. From grumpy cat memes on the Internet to ruling the roost at home, having a cat as a pet — or being a cat’s pet human rather — is a never-ending adventure, filled with cat hair, sometimes shocking surprises and most of all love. So it is vital that you find the right veterinarian for cats, one who can offer useful advice for keeping your pets happy and healthy, nurse your baby during illness and injury, and sometime help you with the hard decisions no-one wants to make.

Given that nearly a third of all Americans own a cat — trumped only by dog owners who account for 37.2%of all U.S pet owners — the need for good veterinary care is increasing. A good veterinarian for acts can, for example, provide you with advice on administering antibiotics to your pet. Many antibiotics should continue to be taken for the required time period, even after your cat starts acting like he or she is better. Cats under 10 — and dogs, too — should see their vet yearly, while those over 10 must visit about six-monthly to ensure that any potential issues are caught early.

Veterinarian for cats can also provide pet diet advice, perform teeth inspection, and address any pet injury such as broken limbs. These vets also perform needed surgeries and can offer specialist cancer care should a pet be diagnosed. Small animals including cats and dogs account for 80% of the veterinary industry’s revenue and top the typical vet’s patient list; these small animal vets are able to offer specialist care to these types of animals. Interestingly, statistics from higher education institutions show that 80% of students admitted to veterinary studies are female. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 62,470 veterinarians working in the United States as of May 2014.