How To Make Your Dog Happy In Your Tiny Apartment

Exercise equipment for dogs

Living in a small apartment can be challenging in ways you wouldn’t expect. Those challenges increase when you bring a dog into the 400-square-foot picture. However, with the right attitude and the right tips you can make living with your dog in your new apartment a breeze.

If you’re considering living with a dog in a small space or if you already own a dog and you’re just looking to revamp your lifestyle, consider these tips to make both you and your dog happier to live in an apartment:

  1. Lots of exercise

    Exercise is great for both you and your dog especially if you’re both getting used to living in a small space. You need to be able to move your legs and feel like you aren’t being kept in, well, a kennel. It’s also important to take into account the type of dog you have or are thinking of getting. Female dogs are 15% more active on average than male dogs.

    In addition, smaller dogs are surprisingly more active than big dogs. This is often because too much exercise for larger dogs can cause hip dysplasia. Talk to your veterinarian to see just how much exercise your dog should be getting and then let your feet hit the sidewalk.
  2. Get a rug

    Hardwood floors are all the rage right now in interior design, but your dog’s nails don’t know that. Your floors can take a beating if your dog routinely runs around in a designated area. Therefore, protect your hardwood floors (as well as your dog — no one likes to watch their fur-baby take a fall) by setting up a non-slip rug on your floor.
  3. Get double-duty dog equipment
    Designers often say that the key to fitting everything into a studio apartment is to get furniture that does double-duty. For instance, coffee tables that are also storage spots, kitchen tables that fold up into the wall, and a lot of wall-hanging utilities.

    The same is true for your dog’s things. An end table dog crate gives your dog a place to lay down and call her own without taking up your valuable space. An end table dog crate works particularly well as a large dog crate as well, since a big dog bed can take up a lot of floor room. Keep your dog park supplies and (clean) dog waste bags in the drawer the end table dog crate often provides along the side or on top. Or keep them on the wall strategically mounted to look like canine wall art.

Living in a small space has its challenges. Fortunately, by following these tips and tricks you can ensure that your small space is not just livable for you, but also enjoyable for your furry friend.