Tips for Giving Your Dog a Comfortable Groomer Visit

There are over 75 million pet dogs in the US— more than in any other country.

As a good pet owner, it’s essential that you take your dog for professional dog grooming regularly.

Do you feel like there are times that your dog is just too smelly? A trip to dog groomers near you will save you from the trouble of having to deal with the stench.

How do you feel after taking a shower? Your dog also feels the same after a good grooming session.

Here are some tips for giving your dog a comfortable groomer visit.

Consider the Age of Your Dog

Just like you, dogs go through their lives in stages.

When they are puppies, they are curious and playful; when they get to puberty, they can be quite stubborn; in adulthood, they are calm; and in old age, they are struggling with age related health complications like arthritis.

Before taking your dog in for professional dog grooming, consider its age. If it’s old, it might be suffering from arthritis, and the whole grooming experience might be painful.

If you have a puppy, then it might still be fragile to be exposed to the full dog grooming experience.

Whatever the case is for you, it’s critical that you take your dog to a reputable and experienced grooming company to get the best services.

Prepare Your Dog for Grooming

Do you remember your first day at school? How difficult it was to get adjusted to a new environment?

Whether you are taking your dog grooming for the first time or it’s just another time, it’s vital that you prepare it for the experience.

You must have already noticed that dogs are very intelligent animals, and they are wary of strangers and new places just as you are.

The dog groomers your dog will meet are likely strangers, and there will also be other new dogs at the salon. Spending some time with your dog bonding can lift its spirits and fill it with confidence for the grooming experience.

If your dog is new to grooming, providing it with some training on grooming basics like standing in a tub will help it be more comfortable during grooming.

Share Your Dog Medical History With the Groomers

As already mentioned, grooming can be a painful experience for a dog suffering from arthritis. Besides arthritis, there are other health complications like allergies and skin sensitivity that your dog may be suffering from.

It’s vital that you share your dog’s medical history with the dog groomers to make sure that it’s attended to appropriately.

If you have a puppy, it’s crucial that you take it to a grooming company that has specialized puppy care.

Inform Your Dog Groomers About Your Dog’s Temperament

Dogs have different personalities, and what each of them likes and hates is different.

To make sure that your dog groomer gets along well with your dog during grooming, you should inform them of their temperament. What it hates and what it likes.

Grooming can be a high-stress activity for some dogs, and this can make them easily irritated.

Disclosing this information will also help the dog groomer be safe as they groom your dog.

Be There to Give Emotional Support

Just like you want someone to be there for you and give you emotional support when undertaking challenging tasks, your dog also needs that support during grooming.

If you can be there when dog groomers groom your dog, then be – especially if your pet is new to the whole professional dog grooming practice. Your presence will provide it with emotional support, and it’s likely to remain calm throughout the entire procedure.

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