A Day as a Local Emergency Veterinarian

Emergency veterinarians are a special breed of individuals. As mentioned in the Animal Medical Center video, each day is anything but routine and normal. Thankfully, a local emergency veterinarian is dedicated to treating each injured or ill pet back to good health. Let us take a closer look at a day as a local emergency veterinarian:

The Emergency Room is Always Filled

Often, an emergency veterinarian’s shift begins with the hospital’s waiting room filled with patients. It is a mixture of pets being admitted for further testing and other animals coming back for their annual checkup.

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Providing your pet’s medical history will make the waiting process move more smoothly.

Dealing With Medical Issues

Some pets are being treated for constant vomiting and diarrhea as they have been diagnosed with a case of pancreatitis. It is an ailment that is hard to diagnose. The symptoms are vague for an emergency veterinarian to detect. Usually, treatment is for the pet to be hospitalized overnight. They need to be placed on IV fluids, pain medications, and rest for their internal organs to heal.

Trauma Cases Take Top Priority

Every pet is treated to the best of a veterinarian’s ability. But trauma cases take top priority and move ahead of the line of other cases. Often, they need to go to radiology for X-rays as a pet’s medical condition can change in the blink of an eye. The images could save their life.