What You Must Know Before Boarding Your Dog

If you are planning a trip and don’t have family or friends to care for your pooch, a dog boarding service can take the leash for you. However, there are a few things to consider, so we offer helpful tips for doing so with confidence. First, you’ll need to determine whether you want to take your dog for boarding at a vet or kennel or whether in-home boarding is the best fit. For puppies and older dogs, this could be the best option to keep their turf comfortable while you’re away.

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You’ll also want to ask the service several questions. Do they offer medical services if necessary or will you need or want to use a preferred provider in case of emergencies? Will the dog get daily exercise in a safe environment? Will there be plenty of opportunities to socialize along with ample quiet time? Can you bring your own food or do they require the pet to eat what they provide?

Bring a few toys and familiar things from home. Chew toys, stuffed animals, and blankets can alleviate their stress and provide reminders of home and their daily routine. Another suggestion is to try out the dog boarding service for an overnight visit to see how well your animal adjusts and its state of mind upon returning home.